October Reading: A Cohesive Vision

October Reading: A Cohesive Vision

As fall kicks off with a the advent of a powerful new, black moon, we’re preparing to enter into the season for quiet, contemplation, and connection with the part of our self that is inside.

The World paired with Temperance speaks of an impending realization of one’s place in the world. An integration of who you are on the inside, and who you are in context, within your environment.

To realize the vision that The World represents—your life’s work, essentially—you will need the skill to do what is called for in each moment as it arises. Right now, because we’re entering autumn and then winter, what is called for is stillness and quiet.

This does not mean that you abandon physical obligations; many of us are in the throes of massive material change. But there is a way to be still within all of this. Temperance asks that you seek that way, that you finally work in time each day to devote to making contact with the stillness within, and ground your spirit.

The World calls to mind a destination, but with temperance there is a need to strike a balance between the urge to arrive somewhere, and the ability to relax within the present moment.

We are asked constantly, and especially now, to edit and integrate the various elements of our lives into a cohesive package. Instead of trying to choose one particular path or area of focus, consider being present with whatever it is that is directly in front of you now, and in the next moment, and in each of the moments to follow.

To possess a quality of temperance is to take things as they come, and to trust in your own agility and skill. It is to know deeply that you have what it takes to make something beautiful with whatever shows up on your doorstep.

While the energy of the Five of Wands—with its conflicting, compartmentalized and scattered energies—is real for you at this time, temperance encourages you to see what may come forth in letting it all exist at once. Remember that the great vision of The World is not yet yours to realize; until then it’s important to stay open and do your best to soften around the desire for a set sense of identity.

Temperance and The World put forth a challenge: Blend together what you know and have learned about who you are as an individual, with what you know and have learned about the world within which you exist.

If fears about change or uncertainty are emerging, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are capable of handling what comes your way. Temperance blesses you with the skill to know what is needed in each situation, and to deal appropriately and skillfully with all things as they arise.

The Five of Wands illustrates perfectly the thing that you may be struggling with now—competing interests, passions, ideas, and goals—none of which seem to be quite aligned just yet. The challenge before you seems to be how to bring it all together to create a cohesive life that is meaningful.

If you have many interests and passions you are lucky, and yet it can certainly sometimes feel like a curse. Viewing your various interests and ideas as in competition with one another is the first step to gridlock and paralysis.  Step back and think bigger. Step into the you that blends and balances each element of who you are, and channels your gifts into the world for the greater good.

This grand vision of yours that The World represents is not yet knowable by you. And in fact, you will not one day wake up to find that  you have it all figured out. Your job is to stay present with your gifts and the external situations that you find yourself in.

Invite the balance between knowledge of self and the ability to stay present in the material plane to guide you further along the path of realizing your great vision.

Do what is called for in each moment as it arises, and trust in your capacity to do this. It is okay not to have it all figured out. In fact, it is better this way.

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