New Moon Meditation: Death + Life

New Moon Meditation: Death + Life

Today’s black moon means that there have been two new moons this month; a rare occurrence as there are typically one of each, full and new. A dark or new moon, much like the popularly celebrated new year, is honored as the time dedicated to intention-setting and action. Unlike the Full Moon, which brings release and the metaphorical death of that which no longer serves us, the new moon is an offering of life, and a time to meditate on what new growth to invite.

This second new moon re-affirms the concept—which was explored earlier this week in the weekly reading—of the inextricable link between death and life. It is a celestial confirmation of sorts, that reminds us that death is simply a transition phase, wedged in between lives, that makes new life possible. Life, death, life again.

When we seek to understand death and letting go in this way, we allow ourselves to soften around otherwise painful release and ending. When we know that life always follow death, we open ourselves up more to others, with the understanding that when things fall apart it is simply a signal to prepare for the arrival of the new. When we view death in this way, we loosen our grip on things we fear irreplaceable, because we know that the process of replacement and renewal is a inherently rewarding, when we allow it.

In lieu of a New Moon reading, today’s meditation is simply that death precedes life. Death, and the release that it commands is something to be welcomed and celebrated, and not mourned. We have been lied to, and it has caused us pain in many ways. It is time to reclaim the truth about the order of things.

What would happen if we, as humans, opened our eyes to the truth that death is inextricably entwined with the bringing forth of life? If we were to begin affiliating releasing with receiving. If we were able to wrap our heads around the concept that creating space is the surest way toward having more of what we need, desire, and crave. How would our day to day lives look different? How much more open would we be? How much more at ease? How much more available?

“We have erroneously been trained to accept a broken form of the most profound and basic aspects of the wild nature. We have ben taught that death is always followed by more death. It is simply not so, death is always in the process of incubating new life, even when one’s existence has been cut down to the bones.” — Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This month’s black moon is a reminder that after death and release, must come life. There is no way around this truth, there is no logic against it, and there is no debating it. Even the human body which returns to the earth provides rich nutrients for plants to grow and animals to feed. It is the law of the land and the truth.

Death brings uncertainty, and yet one thing is always certain when death comes; space has been created for new life to live, to take root, to sprout, and to blossom.

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