Full Moon Meditation: The Wheel of Life

Full Moon Reading Ten of Cups Page of Wands Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a gentle reminder that our limited understanding of the nature of things prevents us from seeing all that is available to us. Like the moon cycle, which is literally a cycle of illusion—displaying the moon as sometimes small and sometimes large rather than always whole as it […]

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Fantasy + The Virtue of Small Steps

tarot tuesday knight of cups five of pentacles eight of pentacles

From a psychological standpoint, what is the function of fantasy? Often times, it is to take us away from the present moment and to facilitate avoidance of something we’d rather not deal with. Commitment, on the other hand, requires that we step up into our higher visions and ultimately this […]

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October Reading: A Cohesive Vision

october tarot reading temperance the world five of wands

As fall kicks off with a the advent of a powerful new, black moon, we’re preparing to enter into the season for quiet, contemplation, and connection with the part of our self that is inside. The World paired with Temperance speaks of an impending realization of one’s place in the […]

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New Moon Meditation: Death + Life

black moon tarot reading

Today’s black moon means that there have been two new moons this month; a rare occurrence as there are typically one of each, full and new. A dark or new moon, much like the popularly celebrated new year, is honored as the time dedicated to intention-setting and action. Unlike the […]

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Warm Lotus Root Salad with Brussels + Avocado

Lotus Root Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Avocado

When you’re right on the cusp of fall weather, but not quite ready for a full-on roots salad, you make something that straddles the line between seasons. Lotus roots are roots that somehow still feel summery, texturally. They’re available at Asian markets or the international produce section of your most […]

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Tarot Tuesday: The Empowered Student

Tarot Tuesday The Empowered Student Seven of Wands The Hermit The Magician

Last week’s Full Moon eclipse initiated a massive shedding of old skin and otherwise outdated, ill-fitting relationships, beliefs, and ways of being. As you advance on the path of releasing the inessential in service of uncovering the true self, identifying and protecting your energy against so-called ‘toxic’ people and situations has […]

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