Tarot Tuesday: Self-Care, Stillness + The Struggle

tarot tuesday four of swords seven of wands magician

A balanced life goes through cycles of exertion and work that are followed by retreat, rest and recovery. Particularly when the nervous system has become hyperactive in the wake of experiences like loss, rejection, or deep disappointment, it is even more necessary to shift all systems back to stillness. The stillness of the Four of […]

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November Reading: Tapping the Intuition

november tarot reading high priestess four of wands ten of wands

The High Priestess is the flip side of hard data and scientific knowing. She represents unspoken, unwritten, and invisible truths that do not cease to exist simply because there are no words or numbers to adequately describe them. When she appears, the information we need is available to us through […]

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New Moon Meditation: Warrior Moves

New Moon Tarot Meditation Ace of Wands Four of Wands Ten of Cups

The Ace of Wands blesses you with a surge of creative confidence that powers a bold step forward toward something that will ignite pranic energy and break any stagnation that may have built up toward summer’s end. The Ace backs any move to strike out on one’s own; whether that be in […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Individuality + Communion

Tarot The Chariot King of Wands Three of Pentacles

This Sunday coming is a New Moon, and with a New Moon is a call for strength, willpower, and courage to get things done in a way that is aligned with the True Self, the higher purpose, and the great vision that has been unearthed through the release that occurred with […]

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Full Moon Meditation: The Wheel of Life

Full Moon Reading Ten of Cups Page of Wands Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a gentle reminder that our limited understanding of the nature of things prevents us from seeing all that is available to us. Like the moon cycle, which is literally a cycle of illusion—displaying the moon as sometimes small and sometimes large rather than always whole as it […]

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