Tarot Tuesday: Out with the Old

Tarot Tuesday Ace of Cups The Tower Knight of Pentacles Knight of Swords

The Tower and the Ace of Cups are an unlikely, but natural pair. Often the greatest potential for connection to the true Self is uncovered in the most earth-shattering moments. The Tower emerges when there’s a radical, sudden and often surprising shift in relation to your sense of reality and security in […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Justice + the Soul Journey

tarot tuesday justice page of swords eight of cups two of wands

Prefer to listen rather than read? Press play above.  Contrary to popular cultural belief, justice has absolutely nothing to do with punishment. Justice is about the worlds we create for our selves through our actions. It is a part of all of our soul journeys. Justice is in those moments of life […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Accessing Flow

tarot tuesday ace of cups hanged man king of pentacles five of cups

Greetings. In addition to the written reading, I’m now offering an audio version of the weekly reading as well. It’s only ten minutes, press play below. Written readings will continue as usual. <3 If someone were to ask you what does your soul want? Your answer would be that which the Ace […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Capitalism, Control + Compassion

Tarot Tuesday Four of Pentacles Seven of Swords King of Cups

The Four of Pentacles and Seven of Swords make a powerful pair reminding us that we are in the midst of the exposed, raw energies of control, deception and isolation. In a capitalist system, we have learned the anti-social values of: Control and the blockage of free-flow (Four of Pentacles), […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Coming Home to the True Self

tarot tuesday eight of wands the sun ace of swords

Movement, busyness and doing are core themes of our modern lives. Too often, we are in a rush to get somewhere—anywhere—except for where we are now. This energy is highlighted this week with the Eight of Wands; a card that also brings the potential for rapid and significant change. But […]

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Tarot Tuesday: There Are No Mistakes.

tarot tuesday justice three of pentacles ace of pentacles

Natural laws of cause and effect dictate that whether we are immediately able to see it or not, everything that comes to be has been set in motion somehow, some way, through past actions. This is also known as karma, which is the only true justice, the natural law enforcement […]

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Tarot Tuesday: Learning to Work With Fear

Tarot Tuesday Ace of Wands Eight of Swords Knight of Pentacles

2016 was a harsh and violent year, and still, it left us with a gift. A rare opportunity for significant and large-scale catharsis, made possible by the emergence of dark, grotesque, and unconscious matter that has been embedded and burrowing ever-deeper into the collective consciousness. And it was a year […]

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